The 12 Most Colorful Cities On Earth

Whether colorful as a candy pack or just completely in pink or smurfy blue – the 12 most colorful places in the world tell the dreary urban uniform gray to fight with color. But playing with color is more like a decorative painting.

The travel portal Travelcircus has located for you the 12 most colorful places in the world. So your next vacation will be guaranteed an unforgettable journey with urban color noise and good mood factor. After all, who can not start happy holidays with so much color?

The most important facts:
★ Discover 12 unique places with the most colorful cityscapes you have ever seen
★ The reasons for the color scheme of the colorful places could not be more different: While a film production quickly turns a city into a blue smut place, the colorful house facades in Burano serve as a guide and orientation guide.
★ Especially the Italian coastline Cinque Terre is a real paradise for all who are looking for exciting photo opportunities with five different colorful places.

1Positano, Italy

Can this beauty be reality? Yes! On the Amalfi Coast there is always a beguiling scent of lemon trees in the air, while the cliffs lined with picturesque towns form a spectacular backdrop. The showcase of the romantic area is the community of Positano. It is a unique sight because of its glittering church dome of yellow and green tiles, which stands out among the cube houses and the steep rocky slope.

More than impressive are the many colorful and mostly yellow-orange houses. It is not surprising that this coastal nest is said to be the most romantic place in Italy.

Travel Tip: Visit the Santa Maria Assunta Church with its colorful majolica brick roof. If you are exhausted in the mountainous city from the climb on the many steep stairs, Positano invites you really to do nothing: Here you can, for example, quite relaxed from the hotel “Il San Pietro” take the elevator to the beach.