All beer taste the same? Things you should never say on a trip to Germany

2Germans are obsessed with rules.

It is definitely true that Germany has a lot of rules and when confronted width bureaucracy you will find yourself in the House of Madness just like Asterix.

But don’t worry, Germans don’t like rules any better than anyone else. Actually they hate them and always make fun of it. Yes, there is a tendency to make rules very explicit and detailed. I guess that has it’s origin in the sciences and engineering, where such precision is actually needed.

However, this approach kind of fails when it comes down to everyday rules, especially in legislation. A prime example would be German tax legislation, which accounts for 80% of the worldwide output in legal tax texts worldwide, each year. A complete disaster!

Here is a little Tipp: If you have to, just fill out the form and don’t ask why. In this case you can’t fight the system.