These Simple Hand Gestures Might Be Highly Misunderstood Abroad

Certain gestures that you use almost every day at home can have a completely different meaning in other countries, and even be very insulting. You should avoid these 10 hand gestures when traveling abroad!

1Peace Sign With Palm Facing Inward

When showing the Victory-Sign you have your index and middle fingers pointed up in the V shape. But make sure you show it with your palm facing outward. Otherwise the easy-going crowd may not understand your attempt to keep the peace. In some countries it basically means the same thing as giving the middle finger.

In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand ordering two pints with holding your hand the wrong way you’re asking for trouble with the bartender. Therefore if the pub is loud and crowded, you better shout your order for two beers over the din with words rather than raising two fingers.

Offended countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.