Seven Facts About German Shepherd Dogs

9Schutzhund As A Sport

Foto: Bigstock

German Shepherd Dogs were the inspiration for the dog sport called Schutzhund, which tests a dog for many different traits, including courage, intelligence, instincts, and sense of smell. Originally, only German Shepherds that passed the test could qualify to breed and pass on their genes to their puppies. Today, Schutzhund has become a popular sport for breeds of all kinds and championships are held in many countries. In Germany, it is still used to test German Shepherds for their disposition – just as it has been used for over a century.

Conclusion: Thanks to their intelligence and sharp looks, German Shepherd Dogs are sure to be a well-loved breed for generations to come. And if you’re lucky enough to have a German Shepherd in your life, you can feel honored knowing that they’re part of a long and fascinating history.[:]