Pia Mühlenbeck: The Hottest German Lawyer

This German beauty studied law in Australia. But Pia Mühlenbeck has more to offer than just quoting paragraphs. After her exams, the beauty from Reutlingen decided on a modeling career.

Pia now owns a sportswear brand called SLINKII Athletic. She writes for Grazia magazine and has modeled for magazines like Maxim, Sports Illustrated, CLEO and Renegade …

But her real success is her travel blog ‘Finding The Finer’, which she runs with her boyfriend Kane Vato. Here she writes about travel, fashion and lifestyle. On Instagram, she began to post her, in some cases, somewhat revealing travel photos. It didn’t take long and she had thousands of fans. So she banned her lawyer robe in the closet for the time being and now earns her living traveling, modeling and blogging.

Here are some of the hottest Instagram-Fotos of Pia Mühlenbeck: