Top Five Walks in Prague

5Cross the Charles Bridge

Connecting the Old Town with the Castle Quarter, this bridge is the real star of the city. When you visit Prague, expect to cross this bridge several times; and expect to see something new each time you do.

Statues line both railings of this wide fourteenth-century bridge, but the most famous is that of the Bohemian Saint John of Nepomuk–look for the sad-looking man with a halo of five stars. According to legend, this Czech priest was martyred right here on this bridge, thrown into the river below for refusing to divulge the Bohemian queen’s secrets heard in confession. Touch the well-rubbed engraving at the base of the statue and wish for good luck when you pass.

After all this walking and statue-rubbing, the best way to unwind is with a few glasses of fabulous Czech beer or one of the local specialties like the plum brandy slivovice. You can even enjoy a few surprisingly cheap drinks between your walks–the locals won’t mind.