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Why You Should Not Drink Coffee Before a Flight

For many coffee drinkers, a pit stop at the nearest Starbucks is an indispensable ritual before the flight. And why not? After all, coffee has a long list of amazing health benefits. And let’s be honest: without a dose of caffeine you could get lost on the way to the gate.

Stop drinking coffee before a flight

But before you fly, you might want to think twice about swallowing that brown brew – besides what happens when you drink it on an empty stomach. In fact, most airline professionals recommend giving up the morning coffee pot until you have safely reached your destination.

Coffee dehydrates the body and causes headaches

First of all, coffee dehydrates your body, which can cause nausea and headaches while you are in the air. And since the aircraft cabins are cold and dry at first, you do not do your skin and your immune system a favor.

Drinking coffee can cause heartburn and digestive problems

The so innocent cup of coffee can be drastic at high altitudes than usual, which could make you nervous. Other side effects such as relapses of heartburn and digestive problems can trigger coffee through its diuretic.

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Since it takes about five to six hours for the effect of caffeine to decrease, drinking coffee for a few hours before the flight can be bad news for your body. So you better stop making this airport error before your next flight.

With red eyes, long security lines, blatant delays, flying can be really exhausting. The thought of a fresh steaming coffee is then very tempting. But given another, rather disgusting reason why you should never order coffee in an airplane, you might want to stick to a bottle of water until you land …