La Concha in San Sebastián

La Concha in San Sebastian is one of the most famous city beaches in Europe and is located on the Atlantic coast in the very north of Spain. The bay owes its unusual name to its crescent-shaped arrangement, a sprawling arch that resembles a shell. The beach stretches for more than half a kilometer between the Monte Igueldo and the park at the Palacio de Miramar.

The beautiful, kilometer-long sandy beach promenade with its impressive buildings and numerous small shops invites you to stroll or to romantic walks. And in the evenings you can watch the most picturesque sunsets over the clear Atlantic Ocean.

Even culture fanatics get their money’s worth in San Sebastian, because a beach walk leads directly past the town hall and the Palace Miramar. It is no coincidence that the Basque community, with its historic old town and stunning architecture, was voted European Capital of Culture of 2016.

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