Mehr als 40 Attraktionen warten in Italiens größtem Freizeitpark Gardaland – Foto: Bigstock
Mehr als 40 Attraktionen warten in Italiens größtem Freizeitpark Gardaland – Foto: Bigstock

Gardaland 2019: Even more magical, fantastic and exciting

The year 2019 at the Gardaland Resort is simply enchanting, because it’s all about magic in Italy’s number one amusement park. At the start of the season of the “Year of Magic” on March 30, 2019, visitors can expect new attractions and on May 31, 2019, the Gardaland Magic Hotel opens its doors.

New Gardaland Magic Hotel

From the purple, curved roof to the smallest detail of the interior, the new 4-star hotel is entirely dedicated to the theme of magic. It increases the resort’s room offer by 128 generous themed rooms. Each has two areas, one with a double bed for the parents, the other with two single beds for the children. So families can experience one of the three magical ambience together: Mighty trees, giant mushrooms and flowers populate the magic forest, in the Magic Ice Castle, guests become residents of a glittering magic realm. In the Wizard’s house, a large magic hat shields the parents’ bed while the children dream under flying magic books.

New interactive path through the magic forest

Gardaland: Magic Elements Foto: Gardaland
Gardaland: Magic Elements          Foto: Gardaland

The new “walk-through” attraction is aimed at families who come through a magical mine in the magic forest. There, the little spell and witch apprentices must help the sorcerer save the Enchanted Forest and its fabulous creatures. For a wicked witch threatens to turn the forest with its magical flowers into a stone desert.

New Sequoia Magic Loop

Gardaland: Sequoia Magic Loop Foto: Gardaland
Gardaland: Sequoia Magic Loop         Foto: Gardaland

On this 30-meter-high roller coaster in a new magical outfit, passengers jump headlong into the magical adventure – on vertical 180 ° loops. The bravest of sorcerers and witches can expect a ride full of thrills. First, they’ll go up to 30 meters and down 180 ° vertical turns, literally turning the world upside down. A magical experience with adrenaline rush!

New live shows in the “Year of Magic”

Gardaland 2019: Jahr der Magier Foto: Gardaland
Gardaland 2019: Year of magic        Foto: Gardaland

Live shows with professional artists, fabulous costumes and set designs complete the theme park experience. In 2019, three new live shows are on the program, promising touching experiences and lots of fun. They enchant the audience with amazing special effects, incredible acrobatics, live music and impressive choreographies.

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Gardaland, Italien      Foto: Bigstock
Die Achterbahn im Freizeitpark Gardaland, Italien Foto: Bigstock
Gardaland, Italien       Foto: Bigstock

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